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Episode 100: Review and Recap

Welcome to the grand finale of Learn Spanish 5 Minutes per Day in 100 Days! In this special Episode 100, we will review and recap our incredible language journey. We've reached the end of our 100-day adventure, and it's time to celebrate our achievements in learning Spanish!

Repaso y Resumen.

Review and Recap.

Repeat: Repaso y Resumen.

Throughout this podcast series, we've covered a wide range of topics and vocabulary to help you become proficient in Spanish. Let's summarize some key points:

  • We started with the basics, such as greetings, numbers, and common phrases for everyday communication.
  • We delved into essential grammar concepts, including verb conjugations, tenses, and pronouns.
  • We explored various themes, from culture and art to travel, business, and social situations.
  • Our language journey also included vocabulary for specific contexts, such as job interviews, health, and environmental awareness.
  • Along the way, we learned to express emotions, make comparisons, and discuss preferences.
  • We practiced conversational skills and tackled more complex language structures like the subjunctive mood.

With each episode, we grew more confident in navigating real-life situations in Spanish-speaking communities.

Congratulations on completing Learn Spanish 5 Minutes per Day in 100 Days! Your dedication and commitment have led you to this moment of success.

Remember, language learning is a continuous journey, and there's always more to explore and discover.

Keep practicing, conversing, and immersing yourself in the Spanish language and culture.



Thank you for joining us on this rewarding language adventure. We hope you feel more empowered to connect, communicate, and engage with Spanish speakers worldwide.

As we conclude this series, remember that language learning is not only about words but also about understanding and embracing diverse perspectives.

Stay curious, keep learning, and let the Spanish language open doors to new opportunities and friendships.

From all of us here at Learn Spanish 5 Minutes per Day in 100 Days,

¡Gracias por acompañarnos!

Thank you for joining us!

¡Hasta la próxima!

Until next time!