Tabarca Island
Tabarca Island Tabarca Island, off the coast of Alicante, Spain, offers history, marine life, beaches, and fresh seafood cuisine[giugno 16, 2010]
Gibraltar Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory, is known for its iconic Rock, strategic location, and diverse cultural influences. [giugno 6, 2010]
About Elche
About Elche Elche, a city with Moorish heritage, is known for its Palmeral, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and vibrant cultural festivals[giugno 3, 2010]
Barcelona, Barrio Gótico
Barcelona, Barrio Gótico Barcelona's Old Town, or the Gothic Quarter, is a historic neighborhood with Gothic architecture, ancient Roman walls, and charming squares.[maggio 30, 2010]
El Palmeral de Alicante
El Palmeral de Alicante El Palmeral de Alicante es un palmeral que ofrece espacios recreativos y un ambiente tranquilo dentro de la ciudad[maggio 19, 2010]
Alicante, old town
Alicante, old town Alicante: a coastal city in Spain known for its Castle of Santa Bárbara, Explanada de España, and delicious rice dishes [maggio 13, 2010]
Guadalest Guadalest, Spain - Breathtaking village in a valley, medieval heritage, Castle of San Jose, reservoir, historic buildings, crafts, and tourism[maggio 10, 2010]
Valencia, ciudad de las artes y ciencias
Valencia, ciudad de las artes y ciencias La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias: Futuristic cultural complex in Valencia featuring stunning architecture, interactive museums, and Europe's largest aquarium[maggio 5, 2010]
Valencia, Old Town
Valencia, Old Town Valencia: Spain's third-largest city known for its stunning architecture, Las Fallas festival, and delicious paella [febbraio 10, 2010]