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Episode 98: Spanish for networking

Welcome to Episode 98 of Learn Spanish 5 Minutes per Day in 100 Days! In this episode, we will focus on Spanish for networking. Building connections and networking in Spanish-speaking environments can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations. Let's master the art of networking with Spanish for networking!

Español para redes de contactos.

Spanish for Networking.

Repeat: Español para redes de contactos.

As we explore Spanish for networking, let's learn some essential phrases and tips:

Hola, mucho gusto.

Hello, nice to meet you.

Repeat: Hola, mucho gusto.

Use this phrase to greet someone and introduce yourself.

¿Qué te trae por aquí?

What brings you here?

Repeat: ¿Qué te trae por aquí?

This question can spark a conversation about interests and goals.

Me encantaría mantener el contacto.

I would love to stay in touch.

Repeat: Me encantaría mantener el contacto.

Use this phrase to express interest in further communication.

¿Tienes tarjeta de presentación?

Do you have a business card?

Repeat: ¿Tienes tarjeta de presentación?

This question can help exchange contact information.

Escuchar activamente.

Listen actively.

Repeat: Escuchar activamente.

Engage in attentive listening to understand and connect with others.

Spanish for networking allows you to build meaningful relationships, exchange ideas, and expand your professional network.

Keep networking with Spanish for networking, and let the language be your bridge to cultivating valuable connections and collaborations.

¡Conéctate en español!

Connect in Spanish!

In the next episode, we will focus on Spanish for public transportation.

Stay tuned and keep up the great work!

¡Hasta luego!

See you later!